Belmont Primary School Kitchen Garden

Mrs Louise Tero and Mrs Lyn Robinson have taken on the Belmont Primary School Kitchen Garden Program this year. They are so enthusiastic and have great ideas for the children to develop a love and knowledge of how we can be more self-sustainable, growing our own fruit and vegetables and then using those foods we harvest to create healthy food.  This is the children’s garden and we love the fact that children really enjoy the gardening and cooking sessions.

The students from all classes are working hard in the garden to get it back to how it was before we went on holidays.  

If you would like to become more involved in this great program, please don’t forget to let your child’s teacher know that you would like to come and help and set a day/time.​

BPS Vegie Garden3
BPS Vegie Garden2
BPS Vegie Garden4
BPS Vegie Garden1
BPS Vegie Garden5
BPS Vegie Garden6