This year has been a wonderful and exciting time for the Music program. All year levels have been happily engaged in exploring, playing and creating, using all of our music instruments - the tuned percussion - xylophones, metallophones, piano, and keyboard, as well as the untuned percussion instruments - the drums, buckets, bells, and tambourines. The children have applied themselves diligently using these instruments and performed together, ensembles in perfect timing exhibiting exceptionally pleasing results. Our Deputy Principal and other teachers visit the music room from time to time, and marvel at the high standard and wonderful sounds of beautifully performed music pieces by the students.


The Belmont School Choir has grown in numbers and their rendition of a variety of songs sounds absolutely amazing. We thank them for their contribution and the uplifting effect their lovely voices have on the whole school community. At each School Assembly we can see that the singing of the national Anthem and the School Song are both sounding excellent.


We have been learning about time signatures, notation and note names and their values, and applying this information to class instrumental performances and ensembles.

Music terminologies and the application of them to playing and singing has enhanced each piece we play and sing.


Creating short melodies over the C Pentatonic scale, and playing with a partner accompanying them with a chordal progression, has produced some amazing improvisations that we have all enjoyed listening to. We have added some lyrics to this activity and performed them in class with some very pleasing results.


A Music Assembly show casing Choir, Instrument Ensembles and other performances and learning is something we look forward to later in the year.


Thank You,

Ms Alban.

Music Specialist Teacher.

Belmont Primary School Song    
Words and music by Michael Blake
Belmont Primary School Song - Michael Blake

Verse 1:

That ancient bell, rings to tell, it's time to go to class

Here at Belmont Primary School

Another learning day, to help us on our way

Here at Belmont Primary School 


We have come a long long way

From. back in the day,

To where it all began, in 1898



And we're here because we want to be

in our yellow and blue, Belmont Pri-ma-ry

We learn and enjoy and develop our ways

To be positive people for happier days

Verse 2:

From many lands, in the world, here we are as one

Respecting each other having fun

With our teachers one and all, standing proud and tall

We always help each other when we call