During Music Classes we have been adhering to the medical advice put out by the COVID team through the Department by ensuring good hygiene practises with our cleaners regularly cleaning our drums, piano, keyboard and other instruments.


We have been working on improvisation and composition by the children creating their own rhythm and pitch combinations using a limited range of notation. 


Using the keyboard we have been exploring the different backings, instrumentation and styles of music, by adding the chords of C Major, F Major and G Major, and improvising over them using notation from the relative Pentatonic scales.


The children have been writing their own music scripts using the five lined music staff, time signature, bar lines, and the Treble Clef, with combinations of crochet and quaver notes. We are working through each child performing their written work on the keyboard and changing up the melody and rhythm to create their own unique performances.


We have seen some sensational drum work from each Year level, with their ever improving skills in technique, rhythm, tempo, dynamics and performing together with perfect timing, team work, pieces, with ever increasing challenges and complexities. The African song/piece 'Griot' is one of the performances we are working on and it show cases beautifully, the children's amazing achievements and advancing skills in this area of music learning.


A variety of Music games have been enjoyed across the Year Levels, supporting the lesson content and the expected out comes. The children have particularly enjoyed these activities.


Singing has been enjoyed by each year level, and has provided a relaxing element to each lesson, giving the children the opportunity to unwind and sing as a community. 


We hope to see you at our next Assembly .

Ms Alban - Music Specialist Teacher

Belmont Primary School Song    
Words and music by Michael Blake
Belmont Primary School Song - Michael Blake

Verse 1:

That ancient bell, rings to tell, it's time to go to class

Here at Belmont Primary School

Another learning day, to help us on our way

Here at Belmont Primary School 


We have come a long long way

From. back in the day,

To where it all began, in 1898



And we're here because we want to be

in our yellow and blue, Belmont Pri-ma-ry

We learn and enjoy and develop our ways

To be positive people for happier days

Verse 2:

From many lands, in the world, here we are as one

Respecting each other having fun

With our teachers one and all, standing proud and tall

We always help each other when we call