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  • How do I enrol my child into Belmont Primary School?
    The first step is to fill out an application form which can be found on our Enrolment page or call in to the school office and pick one up. You will need to provide your child's birth certificate, updated Immunisation details, proof of your address with your name on it and if both parents are born out of Australia, visa details or an Australian citizenship certificate for the child. If you only have originals of these documents we can photocopy them for you.
  • When can I enrol my child for Kindergarten?
    Your child can be enrolled for Kindergarten the year before they are due to start. All you have to do is fill in an Application form and include copies of the Birth Certificate, Immunisation, Proof of your adress (with your name on it, eg, utility bill or drivers licence). Due to new legislation, Immunisation evidence has to be an 'Up to Date' AIR (Australian Immunisation Register) Certificate. Kindergarten aged students cannot enrol into any public school if there Immunisation is not up to date. The cut off date for enrolling in Kindergarten is the end of July. Go to our Enrolment page to find all the information you need.
  • Can I apply straight to a public school if I am on a student or visitor visa?
    No. The first step is to get in contact with TIWA (Tafe Internatiional WA) on 9218 2100 or go to their website Once you have filled out their forms you may nominate what schools you would like to enrol in. Tiwa notifies the school of your choice with a request form and it is up to the Principal to say yes or no. Once accepted TIWA will send the school a confirmation form and you may then make contact with the school to begin enrolment procedures.
  • How do i let the school know of an absence.
    You may phone the school on 6216 1800 and inform the office that your child will be away or use the email form at the bottom of each page on this site. You can also go to the Contact page and fill that in and send. If you are going on a vacation in school time please email the school and let us know.
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