This year has been very exciting for languages at Belmont Primary School and the students are enjoying their first year of learning Japanese.


All year levels have been learning about various aspects of Japanese language and culture. We have learnt about such topics as Family, Colours, Numbers, Stationary and Hobbies. As well as this we have created famous cultural artifacts like Origami, Teru-Teri-Bozu, Calligraphy and studied Anime, Manga and popular culture from Japan.


We also performed songs and speeches in Japanese at the Language Assembly. We sang あめあめあっちいけ (Rain Rain Go Away) and our greeting song with the words おはよう, こんにちは, さようなら and またあした which means good morning, hello, goodbye and see you later.


I look forward to seeing what this Term brings!

Victoria Keranxi

Japanese LOTE teacher

Lote Japanese.jpg