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This term all classes from K to 6 will all be working on Chemical Science topics from the Primary Connection Program. This Program is aliened to the Australian and Western Australian Science Curriculum. Topics for the term include What's it made of? Bend it, Stretch it, Melting Moments and What' the Matter?.


Room 1- Students are exploring, through hands on activities, what things are made of around the school environment and properties of the materials used to make them.


Room 3-Students are looking at how changes can be made to materials. Students will explore bending, stretching and scrunching, and observe that the effect on an object depends on its shape and the material it is made of.


Room 4-Students will explore how solids or liquids are influenced by temperature, they will experience the way items from their everyday lives can change.


Room 7- Students through hands on activities will explore the properties of solids, liquids and gases.


Mrs Waters—Science Teacher

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