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Belmont Primary School Song    Words and music by Michael Blake

Verse 1:

That ancient bell, rings to tell, it's time to go to class

Here at Belmont Primary School

Another learning day, to help us on our way

Here at Belmont Primary School 


We have come a long long way

From. back in the day,

To where it all began, in 1898



And we're here because we want to be

in our yellow and blue, Belmont Pri-ma-ry

We learn and enjoy and develop our ways

To be positive people for happier days

Verse 2:

From many lands, in the world, here we are as one

Respecting each other having fun

With our teachers one and all, standing proud and tall

We always help each other when we call

Belmont Primary School Song - Michael Blake
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Listen to our school song here

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